PoliticsHome is one of the most viewed and valued specialist online news providers in Parliament. Renowned as a source of the latest political thinking, PoliticsHome is a must read for anyone who wants to know what’s happening in UK politics.


  • Structure & strategy
  • User experience
  • Creative
  • Content management
  • Ad optimisation
  • Site optimisation


Made for mobile

With over 80% of traffic arriving on a mobile device, it was essential that the site was optimised for small screens. Our creative team paid careful attention to mobile menuing, touch target sizing, related content, font sizes, choices, colours and advertising placement to ensure an engaging mobile user experience.

Engineered for performance

The PoliticsHome website generates millions of page views per month and therefore required an experienced team to ensure it was optimised for success. Using a combination of careful database planning, efficient coding, efficient caching, the use of a content delivery network and a programme of load testing, the new website is fast-to-load and performant whilst receiving a huge volume of traffic.

Kevin Schofield, Editor of PoliticsHome, commented... "The team at Isle were fantastic throughout the project - from our initial concept meetings all the way through to launch. Their expertise and willingness to take on board our ideas made everything run as smoothly as possible and we are delighted with how the new site looks."

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