Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary, part of Cambridge University Press, is one of the largest online dictionaries in the world. Working closely with the client and an external development team, Isle were appointed to completely overhaul the design and user experience.


  • Visual design
  • AMP compliance
  • User experience planning
  • Performance optimised HTML
  • Logo design



Our selection was based on our experience designing highly usable interfaces for content-rich websites combined with our technical ability to write fast-to-load, scalable and optimised code for high-traffic projects. The new design was optimised for mobile devices, is fully AMP compliant, considers search engine optimisation at its core, integrates display advertising and follows strict lexicographical principles.

Measurable improvements

Using an Agile project management process enabled the new site to be designed, built, tested and launched within 5 months. As a direct result of the project, 82% of the Cambridge Dictionary website users found the new design more visually appealing and the rate of account sign-ups increased by 40%.

Isle continues to work closely with the dictionaries team at Cambridge University Press ensuring the design concept is respected as new site features and functionality are released.

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